Data from liquid damaged phones

Recoverable Data

Here are the common breakdowns on which we like to operate:

Where something went wrong with your phone, most of the time we recover the data

  • Data from liquid damaged phones
  • Data from broken or unresponsive phones
  • Data lost after an update or a software error
  • Accidentally deleted data or deliberately deleted data
  • Data from phones damaged due to repairs failed by other companies

Data recovered from phones and their memory cards

  • Photos from the camera
  • Pictures from other applications
  • Downloaded documents and files
  • Videos and Music
  • Contacts lists of all accounts on the phone, deleted contacts
  • Outgoing, incoming and missed call Logs, deleted call logs
  • Calendars events, alarms and appointment records
  • SMS and MMS with their attachements, deleted SMS and MMS messages
  • All type of standard documents and files
  • Paired Wi-Fi networks list with their GPS position
  • Telegram cryptographic messages
  • WhatsApp, Kik, Tango and data from other chat applications
  • Text notes
  • Audio files - voice notes, voicemail
  • Location data
  • Passwords
  • Web History and bookmarks
  • Installed and previously installed applications
  • Listing of paired Bluetooth devices
  • Phone Information
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If you have lost or deleted data, don't attempt to recover it yourself and call us to evaluate the situation and decide if our intervention can help you.