Why us

When you entrust your phone or tablet to a service center for repair or troubleshooting, the first intervention carried out by the repairer usually consists of a complete reset of the original device, without guaranteeing the preservation of the contents. Then you maysuffer the risk of irretrievable loss of your favorite photos, contacts and messages that you possess.

Data recovery and repair of your device are two separate steps. You must send your support to the RECOVEO laboratory for it to retrieve your data BEFORE your service department or repairer is involved. We also intervene to extract your data if any repair is impossible. Our team does not repair anything, it allows you to recover as many documents as possible, get a copy of them and, where possible, restore your access to your device.

Free initial diagnosis

Our technicians always start a first diagnosis: the goal, identify the type of failure and the various interventions to be carried out. This ranges from media repairs to data recovery possibilities.

This first diagnosis is FREE and without obligation. To take advantage of this, simply send us the mobile phone and tell us what type of data you would like to recover. In return, you will get a QUOTE with a precise list of all files retrievable on the device. Our result is guaranteed in advance.

Our commitment: no recovery, no billing

Our offer is clear, if we find that the data is not recoverable after diagnosis of our technicians, we do not charge for the service. In spite of all our expertise, experience and efforts, it is sometimes impossible to perform the service, especially if the phone memory is completely damaged.

Whatever the time of the initial diagnosis or the interventions carried out, we take care of these failures. On the other hand, you will be responsible for shipping and returning the device to your home.

A clear price list without unpleasant surprises

When we make a quotation and announce a price list, everything from parts to labour is included. In fact, we often need to buy and replace micro-elements within the phone to recover data for optimal results. Beware of the call prices of some of our competitors, they often hide high ancillary costs.

At Recoveo Mobile we are transparent about our services from the beginning of the intervention to the total data restitution.

Integrity and clarity even in our services

In order to guarantee our seriousness and reliability and not to deceive our customers, contrary to what some companies show, we do not commit ourselves to an exuberant success rate. We know that it is almost impossible to show a reliable success rate: each case has its own particularity and peculiarity and it would be difficult, if not impossible, to give a value according to a particular recovery typology.
A recovery can be achieved by the simple change of a passive electronic component, but may also require a partial reconstruction of the PCB of the motherboard and we can in no way compare this type of repair with a simple firmware or software failure.

Recoveo has been using this method of clear and transparent communication for over 17 years. We believe that customers know the difference between totally imaginary figures and reality. As an example in hard disk data recovery, many companies report success rates approaching 100% while we know that 30% of the cases are scratched disks and that recovery on this type of disk is only very partial when it is possible. What is the point of publishing figures, if not for the purpose of baiting customers in an almost untrue way, and then having a poor result?

Our cases in 2017:

  • 687 phones
  • 54 tablets
  • 221 memory cards

Improved performance thanks to our R&D division

We have an in-house Research & Development team, which allows us to offer you the best data recovery guarantees on the market. As technology and capacity evolve, storage on mobile devices is becoming increasingly complex and data extraction increasingly difficult.

Our dedicated research engineers are able to invent new technical processes and create new proprietary tools dedicated to data recovery, enabling us to succeed where others fail.

Sales and technical service 100% French

Recoveo Mobile is recognized on the market for the quality of its commercial follow-up and the relevance of the advice provided by its teams. At Recoveo, the business managers have a very good command of the technical subject and provide you with all the explanations you need to face your problem calmly and with hindsight. They are there to accompany you and guide you in your choices. They will keep you informed and answer all your questions throughout the entire process.

Our laboratories are located in France: we do not call on any subcontractors and we guarantee that your device will never leave our premises.

Confidentiality and security of your data

Professional secrecy and confidentiality are an essential part of our business and all our staff are aware of these values. It ensures the continuous and optimal security of your data throughout the various logistics and technical processes. All recovered data is stored offline to be invulnerable to any risk of attack.

All recovered files (which are returned to you on new media) are automatically deleted in a secure and irreversible way after the end of the service.

All illustrations and technical photos of the site have been made in our facilities with our employees and equipment.